MSC Writing Competition Winners

As a valuable means to effectively monitor and evaluate our organisation, Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) ran the Most Significant Change (MSC) Writing Competition between August and September 2013. During this time, applicants were asked to submit a short story discussing the most significant change that occurred in their life from participating in a TI Cambodia programme.


National photo competition illustrates how corruption negatively affects your world

The competition invites contestants to submit between one and three photos they have taken which illustrate the negative effects of corruption on their world.


Open letter to governments: take part in the 2015 Government Defence Anti-­Corruption Index

We invite all governments included in the index to nominate a representative from the Ministry of Defence (or another relevant institution) to provide your input on what is being done in your country to address the risk of corruption in defence. A list of countries where we are seeking a representative is included at the end of this letter.


អង្គការតម្លាភាពកម្ពុជានឹងសម្ពោធពិព័រណ៍រូបថត: "បង្ហាញពីប៉ះពាល់ជាអវិជ្ជមានរបស់អំពើពុករលួយដល់សង្គមរបស់អ្នក"

រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ, ថ្ងៃទី០២ ខែមេសា ឆ្នាំ២០១៤ – អង្គការតម្លាភាពកម្ពុជា (TI Cambodia) នឹងបើកការតាំងពិព័រណ៍រូបថតនៅឯមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលវប្បធម៌អាល្លឺម៉ង់កម្ពុជា (Meta House) នៅថ្ងៃសុក្រទី០៤ ខែមេសា ដើម្បីបង្ហាញនូវស្នាដៃរបស់អ្នកថតរូបដែលបានចូលរួម ក្នុងការប្រកួតប្រជែងរូបថត ក្រោមប្រធានបទ “ឆ្លុះបញ្ជាំងពីប៉ះពាល់អវិជ្ជមានរបស់អំពើពុករលួយដល់សង្គមរបស់អ្នក” កាលពីខែកុម្ភៈកន្លងទៅ។


TI Cambodia to Launch Photo Exhibition: “Illustrate How Corruption Negatively Affects Your World”

Phnom Penh, 2 April 2014 – Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) will hold a photo exhibition opening at the German-Cambodian cultural centre, Meta House, on Friday 4 April to showcase the outstanding submissions from its nationwide photography competition— “Illustrate How Corruption Negatively Affects Your World.”

Workshop: "As A Youth, What Can I Do For My Country?"

“As A Youth, What Can I Do For My Country?” is a workshop designed to enhance the capacity of youth to promote integrity and transparency in Cambodia. This workshop aims to continue the momentum in the fight against corruption and continuously engage youth in TI Cambodia’s projects.

The use of social media for sharing social concerns and reporting corruption

TI Cambodia believes that educating citizens and especially youths about the value of integrity and engaging them in promoting it is crucial to building a better future of Cambodia. TI Cambodia continues engaging youths in anti-corruption movement and to know how participants understand their role and able to contribute to promote integrity, transparency, and fight against corruption. Having learned that the communication and networking amount youths through SOCIAL MEDIA and BLOG is dramatically bombing at this period of time and further. More than that, it is a potential platform encouraging youths to express their ideas and concern without fear and pressure. Taking this opportunity, Transparency International Cambodia would like to synergy this existing platform by engaging with youth in/out of school to expose them in any anti-corruption form and freedom of expression.

Training Course on Transparency, Integrity and Anti-Corruption for Professional Journalists and production of anti-corruption promotional materials

Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) is an official National Contact of Transparency International. Our mission is to work together with individuals and institutions at all levels to promote integrity and reduce corruption in Cambodia. Training on Transparency, Integrity and Anti-Corruption for Professional Journalists is organised to educate professional journalists and social media practitioners and empower them to effectively report and communicate on corruption cases to the wider publics.

TI Cambodia Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 1

​Stay up to date with the most recent news from Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia): January-March 2014

Posted 7 April 2014

TI Cambodia Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 2

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TI Cambodia Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1

Transparency International Cambodia (TI Cambodia) is pleased to introduce its first newsletter, which gives an overview of TI Cambodia’s activities from April-September 2013.

Posted 13 October 2013

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