Business Brief: Whistleblowing

Publication Year: 2016  / Sources: Transparency International Cambodia

Whistleblowing is increasingly recognised as an important tool in the prevention and detection of corruption and other malpractices. This paper will demonstrate what is Whistleblowing? The role of Whistleblowing in the fight against corruption, Whistleblowing in Cambodian Anti-Corruption law, What is a good Whistleblowing policy and procedure for business? and Why businesses need to have Whistlebowing policy?

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Political Finance and Transparency

Publication Year: 2016  / Sources: Transparency International Turkey

Political parties are considered the “nerve centre of democracy”. There is a relation between the extent to which the campaign financing of political parties and candidates is transparent and accountable and the conduct of elections in a free, fair and egalitarian environment. It is important and required to regulate the financing of politics to ensure equality of opportunities as sine qua non of democratic political competition.

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Report of the Evaluation on The Public Financial Management System of Cambodia 2015

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: Royal Government of Cambodia

This Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) performance assessment – conducted in 2015 – is the second such assessment in Cambodia. The main objectives of the current assessment are to provide a basis for formulating the next action plan for implementation of the PFM Reform Program and to track the progress since the last assessment.

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Worldwide Governance Indicators: Country Data Report for Cambodia, 1996-2014

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: The World Bank group (Worldwide Governance Indicators)

The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) project reports aggregate and individual governance indicators for 215 economies over the period 1996–2014, for six dimensions of governance: Voice and Accountability; Political Stability and Absence of Violence; Government Effectiveness; Regulatory Quality; Rule of Law; Control of Corruption.

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Social Accountability in Cambodia

Publication Year: 2014  / Sources: The Asia Foundation

Social accountability (SA) represents a specific form of more general accountability. As Bovens noted, in the contemporary political and scholarly discourse ‘accountability’ often serves as a conceptual umbrella that covers various distinct concepts, such as transparency, equity, democracy, efficiency, responsiveness, responsibility and integrity. The main focus of this paper is on the Theory of Change (ToC) in the field of promoting social accountability in Cambodia

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Cooperate Integrity System

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: Transparency International Cambodia

A Corporate Integrity System (CIS) is an essential component in ensuring business integrity. The implementation of such a system has been shown to lead to cost savings and to reduce the possibility of nepotism, conflict of interest and corruption. TI Cambodia now offers companies assistance with the implementation of a CIS, free of charge.

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International Business Standards on Anti-bribery

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: Transparency International Cambodia

This paper examines the various international standards available on anti-bribery. It gives an overview on the benefits and challenges of integrating these standards into current business practices in Cambodia and highlights case studies from within the region that have successfully implemented them.

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Bribespot for Private Companies

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: Transparency International Cambodia

Bribe reporting application, Bribespot, tracks and reports bribes anonymously. By receiving reports about key areas where bribery occurs from a private sector perspective, TI Cambodia can identify corruption hotspots. With this information we have an evidence-based platform for advocacy so we can work for change in crucial areas important to the private sector.

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Open Budget Survey 2015: Cambodia

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: the NGO Forum on Cambodia & International Budget Partnership (IBP)

The Open Budget Survey is a unique research and analysis initiative that uses documented evidence and objective criteria to evaluate three pillars of budget transparency and accountability. Cambodia’s score of 8 on the 2015 Open Budget Index is lower than its score in 2012.

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Analysis of Cambodia’s Preparedness for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges, Opportunities and Financing

Publication Year: 2015  / Sources: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)

Precisely, the report aims to scrutinize the extent to which Cambodia is prepared to achieving SDGs based on the analysis of the existing development mechanisms/frameworks and policies Cambodia has developed. Within that overarching objective, it aims to, first of all, reveal any tensions or contradictions between the international version of SDGs and core Cambodian development plans such the National Strategic Development Plan. Second, it provides analyses of the challenges and opportunities for Cambodia and, if required, propose a macro picture of what Cambodian version of SDGs should transpire. Third, it will unravel the likely sources of funding for SDGs.

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